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Case Study

Missouri STATE, USA

5,800 km2 area to be covered with 4G mobile network
Population 208,000 - customers 62,254 (30% market share)
There are two alternatives: either the existing network of 43 standard towers or retrofitting 17 of the 43 towers with RI SAS Antenna system (retrofit solution) that will result in a much better performance
Target monthly consumption is 150 GB per user
Standard LTE-A, 2*10 MHz bandwidth in the 1,900 MHz band
Use existing sites only from American Towers – retrofit solution
Coverage and data rate simulations performed by WRAP International AB
Color codes illustrate average data rate in the area, violet 40Mb/s, yellow 2Mb/s.
40Mb/s means 28 customers share capacity of one RRH (28*1,4Mbit/s=40Mb/s) required for 7/24 VoD service.
2Mb/s means 1,4 customers share one RRH for the same service level (i.e. VoD service will not work).
Violet and red areas will have highest quality VoD service, remaining areas will not.

Standard solution

Standard solution requires an additional 95 equivalent sites up to a total of 138 sites to reach average data rate 13,1 Mbit/s and same total customer base.

Standard solution

RI solution

RI solutions require 17 sites (of current 43) with 17.8 Mbit/s average data rate over entire area.

RI solution


If RI SAS Antenna System is replaced on 17 of the 43 existing towers (chosen by topographic conditions), the other 26 towers remaining unused, the average data rate can be increased by 3.96 times, while the cost to deliver is 8.28 times less. Beside these, 23.78 times more users can be served with broadband and using 2.53 times less number of towers.

A purpose built RI SET tower will provide even much better performance and quality compared to any state-of-art solution in use today. Specific numbers depend on tower height, frequency band, topography and target data rate. Standard solution requires an additional 95 equivalent sites up to total of 138 sites to reach average data rate 13.1 Mbit/s and same total customer base. Towers very often at capacity limit.

Solution Standard RI - SAS Upgrade
Total Site cost to deliver/cust/mth $48.10 $5.81
Sites 43 17
Simultaneous user 154 3,662
Average data rate 4.5 Mbit/s 17.8 Mbit/s
Antenna gain 18-21 dBi 29-32 dBi
Sectors 3 (sometimes 6) 18