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Mobile Internet Calculator
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With Super Antenna Systems (SAS™) it’s possible to transmit 360° using 18-sectors instead of 120° with 3-sectors. This alone makes vast improvement in reach and coverage area performance. RI's technology multiply the range 10-125 times, generating coverage of over 1,600 km2.

  • Up to 1,600 km2 area covered with new sites
  • 10-125 times more area covered with new sites
  • 10-40 times more area covered on upgraded sites
  • Up to 30 dBi gain

RI's 360° 18-sector antenna

120° 3-sector antenna
(normal site)

See what better looks like

It really does come down to offer the best coverage. Clearly, the below maps are not a good enough indication of 4G LTE coverage in your area. But it will give you an indication of the difference RI:s solution make.

RI 118m site 32 dBi 18-sector 48dBW 821MHz - Outside Stockholm, Sweden compared with a normal 50m site 18 dBi 3-sector 30dBW 821MHz
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Mobile Internet traffic is exploding. The industry is bracing for as much as a 1000x increase in mobile Internet traffic. RI meet this challenge with new technologies for future-proofing the mobile network of tomorrow.

  • Up to 144 Gbit/s site capacity over 1,600 km2
  • Capacity per operator improved 4-8 times in existing towers and up to 36 times in new RI towers
  • Customer data rates improved 2-10 times

How much?

To illustrate the importance of capacity, here are two charts which display the impact of capacity in different ways. This chart will show how many customers a site can manage (blue axis) if the customer consume an average of 150 GB data per month. Also, the covered area (black axis).

This chart will show the customers data rate/distance using low bands 10 MHz bandwidth, normal 45 meters 3-sector site and RI:s 118 and 320 meter 18-sector sites.
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Superior strength and efficiency of RI's sites, bring substantial economic advantages. Providing high-capacity wireless Internet in countryside and rural areas are now profitable, and therefore will be built.

  • 95% lower cost to deliver 4G LTE than any comparable alternative
  • 75-95% lower total site cost to deliver (GB/customer/month) compared to normal solutions
Renewable Energy

Green sites

RI has designed the world’s most energy-efficient mobile Internet sites. In fact, RI's solution don’t just follow to standards, they surpass them.

Sites, including RRH, transmission and base band units, using antenna systems and towers from RI can be powered by PV solar panels and wind turbines making sites 97% green.

  • 97% reduced energy consumption using solar panels and wind turbines
  • 80% reduced energy consumption (without solar panels or wind turbines)
  • Enabled by 933 times improved signal efficiency compared to normal technology

PV solar panel arrays are mounted to the tower.