About RI

Radio Pioneers. Inventors. Visionaries. Doers.

Who is Radio Innovation, and what do we do?

Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ) offers advanced “transformational” technology for the transmission of mobile LTE and IP traffic. Offerings include stronger towers, phased array modular antennas and green energy solutions that provide exceptional performance and quality. The value proposition for mobile networks and tower operators is far above any other solution on the market today. In new sites they will provide 70% to 95% lower total site costs/km2 or /customer served or /GB delivered over present standard solutions. Upgrading existing towers will provide 60% to 87% reduction in cost to produce service.

Our vision

To give the whole world the ability to access information, education and global marketplaces.


To provide the technology that makes it possible of connecting all the world’s inhabitants to affordable wireless internet.


We believe information access is a human right, and we see the internet as a platform for global citizenship.

Value Proposition

Much lower cost to produce and much faster deployment of LTE worldwide. Monthly ARPU levels are declining in all countries. RI solutions enables delivery of high capacity, large coverage, high quality mobile data rates equivalent to 7/24-VoD to all, at a fraction of the cost to produce compared with current alternatives.

  • LTE-Cost to produce reduced by 75-95%
  • LTE-Coverage improved 10-40-125 times
  • LTE-Capacity per operator improved 4-8 times in existing towers and up to 36 times in new SET towers

Radio Innovation

Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ) is a public limited company founded by Torbjörn Johnson with a head office in Kista, the Swedish “Wireless Valley”. The company specializes in research and development, design, marketing, and sales of Super Antenna Systems, SAS ™ and a Super Efficient Tower family, SET ™ for total site solutions for mobile cellular network operators and tower owners. Primary focus is to deliver solutions for the countryside and rural areas and populations. It is urgently required to deliver LTE 4G and soon 5G, higher speed mobile IP, in these areas. It represents 70% of the population in most countries, and service needs to be delivered at an affordable cost to consume.

Torbjörn Johnson
Torbjörn Johnson a true pioneer in wireless communication and broadcasting. He started with PTS, founded Radio System Sweden AB later a listed company that was sold to Ericsson in 1988. After some yeras with senior management in Ericsson he founded Radio Design and Radio Components, designed and commercialized more than 350 hardware radio modules for TV broadcasting and cellular telephony, delivered nine generations of BTSs for NMT-450/900 and GSM-900. Recognized as a pioneer of cellular mobile telephony, TJ developed several generations of phased-array antennas with improved coverage and traffic capacity, created a miniature pocket phone for NMT-450 with record-low energy consumption, and has been granted twenty five patents in the field of cellular radio communications.

"Towers and antennas are the forgotten components, critical for profit in the mobile networks."