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28 maj 2020

Kallelse till årsstämma i Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ)

Kallelse till årsstämma i Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ)  
Årsredovisning för Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ)  
Redogörelse avseende kvittning  
Fullmaktsformulär bolagsstämma  
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2 november 2019


Då diskussioner pågår med flera presumtiva tecknare har styrelsen vid sitt möte den 2 november fattat beslut att förlänga teckningstiden på företrädesemissionen i Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ) från den 31 oktober 2019 till och med den 11 november 2019.

Teckning görs enligt den instruktion som finns på bolagets hemsida

För frågor vänligen mejla eller kontakta VD Dusyant Patel 076-3414212.

14 oktober 2019

Företrädesemission oktober 2019


31 maj 2019

Kallelse till årsstämma i Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ)

Kallelse till årsstämma i Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ)  
Årsredovisning för Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ)  
Fullmaktsformulär bolagsstämma  
Fullständiga beslutsunderlag om kvittningar  

5 August 2019

New CEO appointed – Dusyant Patel will be new CEO at RI

Radio Innovation Sweden AB (publ) and the Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Dusyant Patel as its new CEO. Dusyant will be taking over the reins from Henrik Olesen, who is retiring from his current position of CEO after 8 years with the company and last three years as CEO. Although stepping away from the position of CEO, Henrik will continue to play a key role in the organization future developments as a Strategic and Operational Advisor.

"Henrik Olesen has made an outstanding effort during his years in creating the company's product offering that has gain great international traction. I am very happy that Henrik will continue to be involved through the role of Operational Senior Advisor to RI where his vast knowledge and experience will continue to be a great asset for the company and create value in the company's roadmap for business development and product creation." says Ulf Ekenman, Chairman of the Board.

Radio Innovation is now moving into an exciting phase in the organizations development. Commercial excellence and aggressive expansion is pivotal to this new phase, thusly it is natural to appoint a CEO that has a solid track record in delivering results in such an environment. Dusyant has a long and established record within the Telecoms Industry, from both systems and the mobile sector. This is crucial as both of these target markets play a key role within the groups strategic goals.

"Entrepreneurship and Startup culture have been core to Dusyant’s previous ventures. Having successfully run two IPO’s and several investments as a Private Angel within the Telco space, he recently joined as the head of TeliaSonera’s newly formed innovation unit – Purple+. Before embarking on his entrepreneurship journey, he held several executive positions at both Ericsson and Sony Ericsson, on both sides of the Atlantic. He holds a B.Sc., and MBA in Economics and Marketing. Post Graduate studies from Columbia Business School and London School of Economics. We are happy that Dusyant has accepted the position as CEO." says Ulf Ekenman.